Breede Marathon

25, 26 August 2018

Race Information

Race day info

Day 1

  1. You do not need to register. If your entry is listed on the website here, you are registered.
  2. You do need to book into your pound and get your name ticked off. NB – your name must be ticked off. Pounds will open from 09h15.
  3. When booking into your pound, get a batch sticker to attach to your craft and a wristband that has the emergency number.
  4. There will be a race briefing at 09h30. Please attend.
  5. A batch starts at 10h00. There are 10 minute gaps between batches.
  6. A, B and C batches will have rows. Know which row you are in.
  7. There is a demarcated boat pound at the finish.
  8. Food and cold drinks for sale at the finish. (No alcohol for sale, but you may bring your own.)
  9. Race merchandise will be handed out at the finish. Please collect.

Day 2

  1. Check into your batch and attach your batch sticker to your boat.
  2. Coffee and food for sale.
  3. Race briefing at 08h15.
  4. Enter the water when called to do so by the announcer.
  5. Elapsed time will start at 08h30.
  6. K3’s and K1’s will not qualify for elapsed time or A batch.
  7. Food for sale at the finish and full bar. Please support them.
  8. Finishers’ medals will be handed out at the finish.


There will also be the following on offer on Saturday and Sunday morning at Riggton Farm.
– coffee, snackwiches and other treats

The following will be on sale at Kam’bati on Saturday and Sunday.

Boerewors roll
Kerrie Vetkoek
Kerrie en Rys

Lay’s Chips

Cash Bar available with Birkenhead draft on Tap.

2. Physio’s

A physio service will be provided at the finish of Day 1 as in the past.

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