Breede River Canoe Marathon

Nurture A Novice

Enter with a novice (meaning someone who has registered for the first time this season) and the novice paddles for free!

Nurture A Novice was introduced in 2018 to get first timers to enjoy the Breede Marathon.

To qualify you need to be:
– Entered in a K2;
– Partnering an experienced (AR Rated) paddler;
– In your first season as a Canoeing South Africa registered paddler;
– Compliant with all the race’s proficiency requirements.

If you intend entering “Nurture a Novice” category, having fun and giving a Novice the experience of completing the Breede Marathon, please enter online as a K1 and send the Novice’s race entry details to
We will zero rate the payment and add the K2 crew when entries close.

We look forward to welcoming novices to their first exciting taste of this awesome river!