9-10 September 2023
Breede River Canoe Marathon

Race Rules

K2 BREEDE RIVER CANOE MARATHON 2022 – 3rd and 4th September 2022

Senior : R1200
Junior/Student : R850
Development : R600

11am Friday 2 September 2022

Membership Status:
Each entrant must be a registered, paid up member of an affiliated canoe club & CSA.
Proficiency Rating:
The race is open to ‘AR’ and ‘BR’ rated paddlers.
(AR = Qualified to paddle A grade rivers/River proficiency + 6 river races)
(BR = Qualified to paddle B grade rivers/River proficiency + 3 river races)
(CR/FW = Qualified to paddle C grade rivers/River proficiency + 3 time trials)

A paddler with a ‘CR/FW’ rating will only be considered for acceptance if paddling in a K2 with an ‘AR’ rated partner.
K3’s – If a CR/FW paddler enters in a K3, the other 2 paddlers must be A rated, with at least one being a senior paddler.
Juniors and Minimum Age:
Junior under 16:
May not participate in a K1.
May participate in a K2 but if not ‘AR’ rated, must have an adult partner who is ‘AR’ rated that has completed 10 Breede’s or equivalent multi day events.
The junior must turn 15 in the year of the race i.e. they may be 14 on the day of the race, but must turn 15 on or before 31 December.

Juniors under 16:
If two juniors wish to paddle together in a K2, both must be ‘AR’ rated.
Both juniors must be 15 on the day of the race.
Juniors under 18:
Both paddlers must be ‘AR’ rated.
A ‘BR’ junior can enter in a K3, provided the other 2 paddlers are adult ‘AR’ rated paddlers
Any queries with regard to these qualifying rules must be directed to the paddler’s own Canoe Union as the race organisers will not be replying to any queries with regard to qualifying rules.

1. CSA and ICF marathon rules apply.
2. CSA compliant kayak jackets are compulsory.
3. Sufficient buoyancy in front of (min 10 liters) and behind (min 10 liters) the cockpit is compulsory.
4. No outside assistance unless in an emergency.
5. Paddles and canoes, may be replaced. If canoes are replaced there will be an automatic 60 minute time penalty applied.
6. Appeals have to be lodged with the race director within one hour of paddlers finishing & must be in writing, together with a fee of R50.00 (refundable if successful).
7. Officials reserve the right to take disciplinary steps at any time during the race.
8. Starting format: Batches of +/- 40 in a batch for Day 1. Elapsed time starts, will be applied on Day 2. Day 2 batches may be bigger than Day 1. (Final batch allocations may take river conditions into account). Competitive paddlers who are competing for open or age category prizes/podiums must get the race director’s consent for any batch or starting time changes.
9. It is the paddler’s responsibility to know the dangers on the river and have sufficient skills and have done enough preparation to manage these dangers safely.
10. Seeded lady paddlers will start in their own batch on Day 1. On Day 2 they will start according to their finishing time in the overall field.
11. K3’s will start in their own batch on Day 1. K3 starting order for Day 2 will be decided after examining the times for Day 1. K3’s will not be included in the K2 elapsed time start on Day 2.
12. River conditions may require compulsory portages. Failure to abide by instructions for compulsory portages will result in disqualification.
13. There will be a thirty (30) second penalty applied for jumped starts. The second (2nd ) warning from the starter will result in an automatic penalty.
14. SUPs are allowed to enter, provided they meet the entry criteria. Life jackets and helmets are compulsory. SUPs need to give way to canoeists.
15. The race officials and organisers reserve the right to prohibit juniors and certain paddlers from taking part on the mornings of the race, if conditions are not deemed to be safe for certain classes of paddler.
16. With potentially contentious decisions, paddlers are advised to seek ruling/advice from the race director prior to getting on the water.

Seeding will be done according to the latest entry requirement ruling of CSA. All paddlers have to enter before the closing of normal entries will be considered for a seeding. Seeding will be communicated via SMS and at the start area on Day 1. Day 2 start times will be communicated via SMS.
In the interests of safety and to ensure everyone completes the race in an acceptable time, slower paddlers may be placed in higher batches, especially on Day 2. Slower paddlers must please ensure they do not interfere with “racing,” if they are placed in higher batches, in higher batches, especially on the start line.

Saturday 4 September – 10h00:
Race briefing will be at 09h30.
There will be a separate compulsory 3 minute race briefing from the starter for A batch front row at 09h20 i.e. before getting on the water for warm up.
Sunday 5 September – 08h30:
Race briefing will be at 08h15.

** Prizegiving will start before 14h00 **
It should be noted that prize giving may start before the last paddlers are off the water.
Camping and accommodation is available at both finish venues.