9-10 September 2023
Breede River Canoe Marathon

The River – Bollard Bridge

Bollard Bridge is about 400m below the low level bridges below sliding weir. Before you see the bridge you will go through a series of rapids. Steer your boat left of centre and as you come around the corner the bollard bridge will come into view. Move towards the left side.
If the water is flowing over the bridge the best place to shoot it is about 10m from the left hand bank, aiming 20˚ right to left. The bridge crosses the river at an angle meaning the bollards do not align perpendicular with the bank.
Once over the bridge stay left as there are some big holes on the right hand side of the river.
On a low level the portage is on the left hand side. Make sure you get out the river well above the bridge as there is a vicious suck under the bridge.

This is the river below Bollard bridge before Red Bridge.