9-10 September 2023
Breede River Canoe Marathon

The River – Jonkeer

NB: Pay attention to the race briefing regarding this obstacle

At the 31km mark you will reach the next major obstacle of the race. The Jonkeer low level bridge which in the past was referred to as the broken bridge (which is not broken). The lines differ depending on the water level.
Hug the left bank and shoot under the bridge. As you approach, aim for the right hand pillar and as you drop under the bridge, the water will push you towards the centre of the bridge. Don’t be afraid to aim well right, the water will push you across. If you aim for the centre, the water will push you up against the left bridge pillar.
The right hand channel will be a no-go area and it will be blocked off with danger tape.

This is the most dangerous and technical level. At this level the left hand side becomes risky as there may not be enough water to go over the bridge and you may also not get under the bridge.
The best line will be the centre line where there will be a flow of water over the bridge. As you approach the centre line, you have to decide if you are going straight or sharp left as you drop over the bridge. If you are going straight aim at the bridge slightly left to right, drop over and find a line through the bushes below. If you are going left, approach the bridge straight and slightly left of the centre spot. As you drop over, the water will push you hard left. Be aware of the flow that will hit you at 90˚ from the left side as you enter the main flow again.
At this level the right channel will still be off limits.

Centre lines for Jonkeer bridge on medium level (image is of river at a low level) Water will be flowing over the bridge on the red lines.

At a high level the water will be flowing over the bridge on the extreme right. As you come around the corner stay right of the island and drop over the bridge. The centre line just left of the island will also be an option.