1978Ritzie Heyns & Belinda Burton1.3913
1982Ritzie Heyns & Belinda Burton1.3372
1983Dianne Franklin & Jackie Zugg1.3379
1985Marinda Hartzenberg & G Gibson1.1746
1987Caroline Kriel & Paula de Witt1.2784
1988Ritzie Heyns & Marinda Hartzenberg1.1378
1989Jean Wilson & Esther vd Westhuizen1.1995
1990Dene Simpson & Margie Alford1.2765
1991Jean Wilson & Dene Simpson1.1761
1992Jean Wilson & Margie Alford1.1754
1993Jean Wilson & Dene Simpson1.1343
1994Jean Wilson & Liz Knox1.1638
1995Margie Alford & Liz Knox1.2161
1996Jean Wilson & Liz Knox1.2667
1997Jean Wilson & Antje Manfroni1.1129
1998Jean Wilson & Antje Manfroni1.1423
1999Jean Wilson & Alexa Cole1.1222
2000Jean Wilson & Alexa Cole1.1139
2001Alexa Cole & Nikki Mocke1.1232
2002Alexa Cole & Abbey Ulansky1.1233
2003Alexa Cole & Nikki Mocke1.0821
2004Alexa Cole & Donia Kamstra1.1216
2005Alexa Cole & Donia Kamstra1.125
2006Abbey Ulansky & Michelle Eray1.1128
2007Abbey Ulansky & Lindi-May Harmsen1.1326
2008Carol Joyce & Jen Theron1.135
2009Alexa Cole & Jackie Barnes1.122
2010Antje Manfroni & Anna Clifford Arwidi1.2372
2011Alexa Cole & Jackie Barnes1.1319
2012Robyn Kime & Eloise Horne1.1128
2013Alexa Cole & Eloise Horne1.128
2014Alex Adie & Nikki Mocke1.1339
2015Alex Adie & Nikki Mocke1.1728
2016Abby Solms & Ronel Stevens1.1422
2017Kirsten Penderis & Aisling Smith1.1614
2018Kim Van Gysen & Abigail Liesegang1,2934
2019Kim Van Gysen & Christie Mackenzie1,199

The best overall position by a ladies pair was 13th in 1978 by Ritzie Heyns and Belinda Burton
The best time ratio by a ladies pair was 1.08 by Alexa Cole and Nikki Mocke in 2003.
Jean Wilson en Alexa Cole won the ladies division ten times each but with different double partners